Lost In The Woulds, Part II

In a previous post, I stated in brief that I’m working on an illustration that’s a collage of images — a collage of a story. I also didn’t elaborate much on the details. Here’s where I left it for the most part:


This concept, Lost In The Woulds, was born of the title itself. That’s explicitly where it started — I liked the title. I originally imagined a couple walking through the woods and stumbling upon vignettes of their life together — possibilities that branched out along a path like a decision tree. I put it down on a list of “good ideas” and let it stew. Another one of those ideas on that list was a story surrounding a high-school couple. I wanted to write a story where instead of a typically immature boy wanted sex, he… still wanted sex but was atypically mature about it. To contrast that, the girl in the story makes the decision to stay chaste, but handles it immaturely.

When the opportunity to create art for a potential badass backpack came along, those two ideas really fit together in a way that’s conducive to my previous work: comics and “crowded room” sketches. I’m going to fill this ‘canvas’ up with as much story as I can that explores where they’ve been, where they are, where they could be, and everything in-between. I mentioned in the last post that I’m working in smart layers so that I can move these chunks of story around and play with them; this will be much more important when moving from a flat surface to placement on a physical object. However, it’s also useful in keeping me from getting bogged down in linear storytelling. It’s also letting me make mistakes… my own “woulds.”

Here’s where I am now:


Thanks for reading this far. I’m super excited about this project; I’ll leave you with some bits I’m particularly happy with:



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