Lost In The Woulds, Part I

I’m working on a project that I’ll elaborate on in series of posts, but before I put down in words the scope of the project… well, it’s less important that you share you work in the best way possible than it is that you share it in the first place.

So my good friend Rusty and his good friend Adam make Badass Backpacks. They invited me to an idea jam session (for lack of a better word) for a work of art that could potentially make the grade for one of their badass bags. What came out was an idea for a work that I call, “Lost In The Woulds.”


That’s the initial sketch for a possible layout. It centers around a young couple that’s considering the next step in their relationship. I’ll tackle putting the idea and the sculpting of this concept in further posts, but I wanted to get the artwork out there first as I crave feedback (and accountability for finishing!).

I’m working digital and I’m tackling the project from a comics background instead of an illustration background. Even though the finished product (I’m assuming at this point) is going to be a collage of illustrations, the story will be paramount and the sequence of images will be labored over copiously. Given this framework, I’ve decided to break down the total work into multiple files (Photoshop Smart Objects) that will allow me work with large files and also rearrange / reorder the sequence of the story parts as I work with a three dimensional finished product (the backpack).

Here’s the first file I’ve completed that I’m happy with:


Again, I’m tackling this from a comics background / perspective, so linework is going to be forefront. Admittedly, finding a digital brush that feels right is still something I’m struggling with; but I’ll push forward with this style and keep experimenting as I branch out. Who knows, maybe as the story gets farther out on the “page” from our central characters, the style will get as loose and sketchy as what “would” happen in each arm of their stories’ possible futures.

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